Write the application addressed to the Director of the company. In the statement, specify the full name of the company, the name of a Director. Further, their details, their position, number of the structural unit. Enter the amount you want to receive as financial assistance and of the circumstances of your difficult situation. It could just be a heavy material situation, the expensive treatment you need, a death in the family, fire or natural disaster, any vital purchase.
Attach to the application a document confirming that you are really in need of financial assistance. A copy of the death certificate of a relative, a certificate from the police or fire Department, a doctor's note stating that your treatment is expensive, etc.
The plant Manager will sign your application and write down, what amount you to help. A signed statement should be attributed to the company's accounting Department.
The money you will be given after get the order of payment of material aid.
Relatives of the deceased employee are also entitled to apply to the company which employed the employee. To write the application addressed to the Director. Attach to the application a copy of the death certificate. The issue of financial assistance will occur as described above. The amount of assistance approved by the Director, or write your own amount that you want to assist.