The first option is training with a tutor or at music school. Typically, sessions with a repeater rather expensive. Classes in the music school is built on schedule and thus require constant perform certain exercises. Despite your busy schedule is just not possible.
The second option is to educate yourself. This does not mean that you cannot get advice from a specialist. You will have difficult in terms of selection of rhythm and music. This option can be used successfully by those who have already got the basics of music education informed. A good tool will be training on any stringed instrument. There is a possibility to receive consultations on the lute to the professional via Internet (for interactive communication). It is advisable to use learn to play the lute in printed form.
The third option is one of the most successful in the development of modern technology. This is a video tutorial on the game on various musical instruments. Besides, we should not dismiss websites which are dedicated to learn to play musical instruments.