Get a life. Get enough exercise – preferably outdoors, for vigor in body and spirit. Take a contrast shower, I wash with cold water – it refreshes the skin and improves its tone. Include in the diet with vitamins and fresh vegetables, give up bad habits. To afford a daily bottle or two may be the only people not caring about the future. You with them along the way.
Look at yourself in the mirror. If the reflection you are not happy, think about the reasons. Your hair has acquired an unattractive shade of "pepper and salt"? Buy good paint are designed specially for men – it perfectly covers grey and looks natural. Get rid of bags under the eyes – they give the face a tired and unhealthy appearance. Try cold compresses. If no positive result, consider a possible surgical intervention. Excision of eye hernia – the procedure is not too complicated and gives good results – provided that you go to qualified doctors.
Reset a few extra pounds. You will look more fit, health will improve, walking will be easy. Join a gym to pump up muscles of hands and strengthen flabby abs won't hurt. If you practice regularly, after six months, your figure will be envied by many "office boys" enough, you sons.
Be sure to visit the dentist. White smile and fresh breath is a sign of youth. Do not take the money to bring the teeth in order.
Rate your style. If you wear long hair, think, is it time to change the image. Make a stylish short haircut you will look younger. Your hair thins? Do not sign up for a hair transplant and not pick it up more in their remains through the top in futile attempts to disguise the gaps. Shave the head. You will surprise friends and family members, but very soon you will get compliments from others. In addition, many women feel this way not only youthful, but sexy!
Change closet. Eliminate worn, faceless, too "adult" clothing – cheap mnuŝiesâ costumes, felted sweaters, beige woven shoes, heavy, bulky coats and other signs of aging men. Don't hit the other extreme – type of eternal student or a frequenter of rock festivals you also do not age. Your choice – quality clothing, flattering and delicately hide flaws. If you have blue eyes, wear blue shirts and cravats, athletic figure emphasize short jackets and classic jeans. If you are unsure, contact the consultants of shops – they will be matching sets, and you choose the ones that liked it.