The introduction should not be too long – enough to write a couple of sentences in which you will draw the reader to your arguments. If you asked an essay on any literary work, write a few words about the author, about his place in Russian literature and the work itself. Can you mention some quote that suits the theme of the work.
If you write essay-argument, start with a rhetorical question that I will try to answer in the future, or with General reasoning on the subject. Use of such patterns of sentence structure : "the Author ... is known not only in our country but also abroad", "Not in vain ... considered a classic of Russian literature", "Work has a special place in the work of...", "we All think about the problem....".
The bulk of the essays start with a more detailed consideration of a literary work on the subject, reveal the author's position, and then proceed to the presentation of his point of view. You can agree or disagree with the author, to have an ambivalent attitude to the product or its dissenting position on a given problem. If your work deals with a General topic, it is better to bring some famous quote or poem, mention the author, whose works were considered a similar problem. In any case, feel free to highlight your position, but do it intelligently and sensitively. Express their opinion, beginning with the words: "it is Impossible to disagree with ...", "I (don't) think...", "Opinion ... seems to me ...".
Conclusion. Do not make it too big, enough for four to five sentences. Summarize everything what is wrote in your essay, make any findings in this part of their work. The conclusion should start with "so ... ", "In conclusion I would like to say about ....", "So....".