Think of a topic. To write an essay on any subject that is close to you. It has its advantages. You will not need to read the work, which is usually written essay. Also with a free choice you will know for sure how and what to write about. Heed to the choice of keynote very seriously.
Do not write an essay on barely familiar with the subject. The better you will be aware of the question of your creativity, the easier it will be and you will get a high score. You can write about nature, situations in life, read the book of love. You can write an essay about the impression as a result of watching films, going to the Museum.
Make a plan. To write an essay required for premeditated scheme. This way it's possible to make a logical consistency and coherence between the different parts of the work. The plan can be simple or complex. A simple plan consists of several items.
The first thing to specify is the introduction of the composition. Next comes the plot "plot", the main idea, the climax, the denouement. You can also make in the scheme of the moral essays. It is a sort of epilogue. The names of the items are conditional and determined by the author independently. When choosing the complex plan with one or more of the paragraphs are divided into subparagraphs. From this the composition becomes more detailed.
Write an essay on a deliberate plan. Try not to lose the logic behind the reasoning. Describe everything in detail, but avoid unnecessary elaboration. For example, the description of nature do not get hung up on every piece of wood and the like.
When writing essays try to maintain style and grammar. Visually represent the idea before writing it on paper. Once you're finished, reread your work. It is likely that you will find errors that were not visible at the time of writing.