You will need
  • tennis ball
  • a piece of canvas or old t-shirts
  • thick lines
  • steel wire
  • wooden linen clothespin
  • PVA glue
  • 3 screws with an eyelet
  • narrow strips
  • empty plastic bottle
  • 2 flap different tissue
  • colored paper
  • a ball of wool
  • broad Scotch
  • sandpaper
  • 8 newspaper pages
  • cotton swabs
  • drill with fine drill bit
  • pliers
  • scissors
  • line
  • big needle
Make the doll's head. Cut from canvas, or any other solid light-colored fabric square 30 × 30 cm Obtyanite this cloth tennis ball, tying several times the fabric ends of a thick thread. Cut 20 cm of wire. Pierce it through the head, the ears. With a pair of pliers to make both ends of the wire loops. Make out of colored paper eyes and nose. Stick on the head. Cut from a ball of wool yarn 10-12 strips 2-3 cm long Assemble them into two bunches. Is the hair of puppets. Attach them with glue on two sides of the head (somewhere over the alleged ears).
To make the body of the doll, wash and well dry the plastic bottle. Staratelej needle make into the bottles 4 through the puncture in the places where the doll will be attached hands and feet (in the lower part 3 puncture: 2 foot and 1 rear). Cut the wire into 5 equal pieces at 20 cm Miss these pieces through all 5 holes. The end of each is a loop. They are all at the base of the bottle must be secured with tape.
For the manufacture of arms and legs doll cut 8 pieces of fishing line (20 cm each). From each sheet of newspaper fold the strips 25х8 see Take 1 strip at the edge of the lay line (the ends should protrude beyond the newspaper strip at equal distance). Screw the strip into a roll, the end secure with tape. One of the remaining pieces of fishing line roll 1 of the same newspaper roll. All: one arm or leg is ready. Repeat with the remaining pieces. The result should be 2 feet and 2 hands (each item is 2 rolls).
Attach arms and legs to eyelets on the body of the doll. To make hands and feet, cut out of colored paper 40 strips length 5 cm, divide them into 4 parts, tie each in half, attach to hands and feet. Sew fabric pants and jacket, put them on the doll. On the head of stitch hat.
Make a fixture to control the puppet. Make 3 wood planks. In the main (25 cm) drill one hole at one end, in front (15 cm) and 1 hole at each end in the back (13 cm) - 2 holes at each end. Staple these strips to the front and back are perpendicular to the main strap. Thread in all holes of the fastener scaffold, the second end of which is attached to the eyelets on the doll.