Decide how you will manage the doll. Usually the head glove puppets worn on the index finger, pen drives thumb. And the second hand, put either the middle finger or the little finger. Idle fingers bends.
Make pattern doll. Put your hand on the paper. Bend the fingers, which do not participate in the management of the doll. Draw a circle around the hand contour. Keep the fingers that control the hands of the doll, directed slightly upwards. If you find the sleeves spread out to the sides, during a theatrical presentation, they will be collected. Add to a pattern for four inches on each side from the wrist and centimeter at the fingertips. Hemline doll should end in the middle of the elbow joint. Cut paper blanks.
Put the pattern on the soft fabric, which will be the body of the doll, circle. Choose fabric in shades of Nude to dollsdepicting people. If you sew a toy animal use a cloth of appropriate colors or faux fur. Cut out the two mirror parts. Sew them around the edge, leave a hole for the index finger. Treat the bottom edge of the product.
Fabricate head toy. Sew it lastcourse of four parts. Leave a hole at the bottom of the head. Firmly stuff the head with cotton wool. Draw the eyes and mouth of the doll. It is possible for eyes to sew on buttons or beads, and the mouth to embroider. Sew the head to the doll hair from wool yarn. For making hair doll-girl cut threads of the same length and sew each part. Braid two braids. Sew the head to the body of the toy so that the hole for the index finger corresponds to the opening in the head. Make sure that the doll's face looked in the right direction.
Sew doll costume – dress or Kaftan. Decorate with beads, ribbons and buttons. Slip into the body of the toy, bring that thread to the outfit from slipping during performance.