The turtles are the real long-livers of the animal world. Many of them live up to 150 years and even longer. Do you know how many years your household pet? In fact, to accurately determine the age of tortoises is almost impossible, but the approximate number of years you can determine by using the following advice from experienced breeders.
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The age of a turtle can be determined by the size of her carapace. The turtle continues to grow throughout life, her carapace becomes longer, as well as significantly changing shape. In turtles in age there are more long claws and a long tail. If you have brought the Central Asian land tortoise, the ratio of the age and length she's next. Newborn turtle reaches a length of from 3 to 3.5 inches and weighs about 10-12 grams. At the age of one year, the turtle reaches a length of 4.5-5 inches and weighs 25-35 g. In 2 years the turtle reaches a 5.5-6 cm and weight in 48-65 grams in 3 years - 7,5-9 cm and weight 95, stops 150 g,in 10 years- a length of 15 cm and a weight of 150 g. the growth Rate of turtles in the home depends on the size of the terrarium, forage quality, special additives and other factors.
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The second method of determining the age of a turtle is counting the rings on the top shell ( in the scientific language it is called a carapace). Select one of the scales on the carapace and count how many it has rings and grooves. For a more accurate determination of age you can count the number of striations at several scales and then find the arithmetic mean. In one year the turtles are formed by the grooves 2-3 depending on feeding and lifestyle. Young turtles rings grow much faster than animals at the age. In addition, the number of rings depends on how often does a turtle goes into hibernation. In older turtles, the carapace becomes smoother, and the rings gradually fade.
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