There are several types of turtles – land, marsh, meadow, Central Asian and Softshell. Consider a few examples, which define a female turtle.
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Land , the female turtles can be identified by the tail. Females unlike the males the tail is slightly shorter. However, this can be seen in Mature age. In adolescents this difference to notice is very difficult.
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Females have a spur thigh tortoises are less pronounced, in contrast to males. The rear ventral side of carapace female has a rounded shape, in males it is V-shaped.
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The size of adult females tortoises exceeds the size of the males.
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Female bog turtles are fairly easy to distinguish from males by the color of their eyes. Females have yellow eyes, males have a brown eye color. Female bog turtles do not have the notch on the plastron and the tail is noticeably shorter than in the male.
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Females trionics over time on the shell there are cusps. Males on the contrary carapace with age begins to smoothen. The tail in the female remains short and small, and the male of three years grows a long tail with pale, longitudinal stripe on top.
To determine the sex of the Central Asian turtle by the tail and cloaca. In females, the tail is quite small and usually sticks out, and the cloaca has the shape of a star. In males the tail is long and thick, usually because of its length bent under the shell and the cloaca is in the form of longitudinal stripes.