To find out the age of a turtle from its weight and size. Usually born turtles growth of 30-34 mm and a weight of 10-12 g. the year of living tortoises grow to 48-52 mm, and weight them by this time ranges from 25 to 35 In two years, the reptile reaches a size 56-60 mm and weighs around 48-65, a three-year Growth of tortoises 75-90 mm, weight 95, stops 150 G. ten years of life the turtle grows right up to 13-16 cm Despite the fact that the young tortoises grow quite quickly, when the length of the carapace is 18 cm, their growth is much slower and often stops altogether. Although in nature there are species that reach 25-28 cm in length. By the way, adult females usually larger than males by 2-3cm.
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Owners of tortoises must also be aware that their Pets depend directly on the conditions of detention, the spaciousness of the cage, diet, frequency of feeding and adding to the feed of calcium.
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To determine the age of tortoises and in the number of rings on its shell. They usually appear already at the early age of reptiles, when she isn't. During this period, and is the most active growth of the tortoises. For the year on the same scale shell formed by 2-3 rings. Thus, the older the tortoise the more smooth it becomes a shell. Annual rings at the same fade and become less bright.
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To determine the age of the land turtles, more precisely, it is possible to count annual rings on several scales of the carapace, and then find their mean value.
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But this method of determining the age of tortoises can't be considered 100% correct. Because the number of rings on the scales of the carapace, amazing reptiles also depends on the conditions of detention and the number of its spaces, and forage quality.