Advice 1: How to use Church oil

Traditionally, Church the oil used in the Orthodox churches as an integral part of the sacrament of unction. Usually, this ritual is called extreme Unction, because his conduct is necessary to gather seven priests. Today, the Church oil is used by believers for different purposes and at home.
How to use Church oil
In case of serious illness or sudden illness, visit the Orthodox Church and follow the rite of the sacrament of unction in which the Church necessarily used oil. Going to Church, bring a dish of wheat, and then during the ceremony the priest himself will establish a vessel with a Church oilm in a container already filled with grain there. During the Sacrament of Holy unction the priest will call on you God's grace for a speedy healing from emotional and physical illnesses, as well as the absolution of committed without malice sins.
After adding to the bowl with the wheat of red wine associated with the blood of Christ, pick up the lit candle and watch as the priest brought on a dish with grain sticks sticks and seven candles. When the priest reads believe on this ritual of prayer and anoint you forehead, cheeks, arms and chest, be sure to ask him for remaining after the ordinances of the Church oil, which you then can use already at home, in the occurrence or aggravation of any diseases or babies.
Bring out of the temple not only oil, but wheat, in which is inserted a container of this oilmeters, as now the priests have not burn all used in the Sacrament of Holy unction items, and are willing to give them to parishioners at the personal request. As a rule, in the statutes of the Orthodox churches is not written, how to use Church oil at home, but the priests are allowed to smear with oil the sore spots, even people who for some reason have not passed the ritual of Holy Unction.
If the Sacrament of anointing does not have an effect on you immediately after leaving the Orthodox Church, do not despair. Use brought from the temple oil, to heal, to get relief during a severe illness, innate powers of the body for easy transfer of the disease. In the evenings, after prayer, find the best use of Church oil, lubricating them sore spots.
When your baby cries for no reason, smear him with oil, whisky and forehead, and in the case of whims due to painful teething, apply a little Church oil on his mouth or gums. Often Church oilsanctified on the relics of saints are sold directly to churches, and while applying this oil for healing after buttering them sick say a prayer in honor of the Saint, asking for his help.

Advice 2: How to wear an ecclesiastical ring

Jewelry with images of saints and the words of prayer were for a long time. It rings, rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewelry. They serve as amulets to believers. They are made of precious metals and alloys cheap that everyone could buy the product he needs.
How to wear an ecclesiastical ring
To wear a crucifix must every Christian, to the Church ring this rule does not apply. Small icons and rings are additional charms that you can sanctify the Church. Lit decorations carry more positive energy.
Due to its shape, the ring is one of the strongest amulets. The circle is a symbol of infinity and strength, it protects against various ills. It is important that the metal from which made the ring. Each material has its properties and energy. Select the metal that suits you best.
Ring in sterling silver will save you while traveling, you will develop intuition. Sudden blackening of this metal suggests that ward took from you trouble. Silver purifies human energy, destroying all the negativity. Try to get a ring of the highest standard, because the purer the metal, the greater its quality.
Gold will help you in solving worldly problems. Ring made of this metal are capable of making life more interesting, to attract new and happy events. Gold will make you stronger, give a sense of freedom. But be careful, because long wearing of religious rings from this metal may cause you depression, and character will become stale. Yellow gold will increase prosperity, red will help you better understand the people around them.
Ecclesiastical ring of copper will help you to make new pals and friends to meet soulmate. Besides, this metal makes the human condition regardless of weather conditions. Copper will make you more calm, but after prolonged wearing of such a ring you can have apathy.
If, in the Church rings and a crucifix, you wear other jewelry, the metal of these products should be the same. The exception is the cross he must always be closed with clothes, so the metal from which this is made, not so important.

Advice 3: What kind of butter to smear eyebrows to grow faster

Beautiful eyebrows make the look expressive and sensual. So eyebrows were in a good condition for them to properly care for. For example, they need to regularly feed oils: because of this, they faster will grow.
What kind of butter to smear eyebrows to grow faster

The strengthening of the eyebrows oils

Great impact on the condition of the hair, and in particular, eyebrows have castor, burdock, olive, peach and almond oil. Castor oil can be used in pure form. To do this, slightly warm up the oil in a water bath and applied on hairs for an hour, and then remove the remains with a cotton pad. The recommended frequency of performing such procedures 2-3 times a week. And to accelerate the growth of eyebrows (eyelashes can also be strengthen by this means), mix 70 ml of castor oil with 30 ml of aloe juice. The prepared mixture is applied on eyebrows using cosmetic brush.
To improve the color of hair, castor oil add a few drops of carrot juice or brewed black tea.

Burdock oil is a wonderful remedy to speed up hair growth, but in its pure form it is better not to use because it can appear allergic reaction. For the preparation of a firming mask for eyebrows is recommended to take 3 drops of burdock oil, 3 drops of camphor oil and the same amount of linseed oil. The components are thoroughly mixed, and then lightly heat the mixture on a water bath. Apply the mask on your eyebrows and leave overnight. Cosmetic procedure is recommended once every three days during the month.

Olive oil for eyelashes, eyebrows and the skin needs nutrition and hydration. When regularly performed cosmetic procedures for eyebrows to become thicker and grow faster. To strengthen the medicinal properties of olive oil, it is recommended to enrich it with almond, burdock or castor oil. In this mixture dissolve a capsule of vitamin E and a capsule of fish oil. This mixture is applied on the eyebrows overnight for 30 days in a row, and then do a six-month break and again continue treatments.
For greater effect, we recommend to combine the mask for the eyebrows with a light massage: this treatment will improve blood supply and nutrition of hair.

Jojoba oil – an amazing oil, which has many useful properties: it accelerates the growth of hair, restores their structure and improves nutrition. For eyebrow growth cosmetic preparing a mixture consisting of ¼ teaspoon of jojoba oil and 1 drop essential oil of Jasmine, sandalwood, or nutmeg. The mixture is slightly warmed on a water bath. Then smear the eyebrow buttery mixture on top, cover them with parchment paper and leave the mask on for 27-30 minutes.

Features oil masks for eyebrows and eyelashes

Frequency of cosmetic procedures is largely dependent on the state of the eyebrows. In the preventive purposes the mask is enough to apply once a week, but for the treatment procedure is recommended to perform daily. The composition is gently spread over the area of hair growth, then against the growth, and then again in the direction of hair growth. Cosmetic procedure should be done very carefully to by the negligence of the mixture gets into your eyes. If the eyes are watery and red steel, the procedure should stop and immediately consult an eye specialist.
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