You will need
  • - air conditioning;
  • - antistatic in endovascular treatment;
  • - the capacity of the pulverizer;
  • - water.
Every time you wash during the last rinse add water softener with antistatic effect. Not only does it save things from static electricity but will make them more soft and pleasant to the touch. Carefully read the recommendations on the package. They must indicate for which types of fabrics fit the tool.
If you wash the thing with conditioning is difficult (e.g., outerwear), then use the antistatic agent in the cylinder. Spraying should at thing at a distance of 20-30 centimeters below the tool was distributed evenly over the surface of the garment. It is important to consider that the use of the antistatic agent is better in a ventilated area (e.g. on the balcony) because it has a strong smell; and not to use in the room where you sleep. It is best after spraying the funds are not immediately put on clothes, and give her otvisetsya to erode the smell.
To quickly get rid of static electricity, when there is no static, you can use the following method: take a container of spray, take some water and add in the specified on the packaging proportions required quantity of softener. Spray this mixture on clothing to light moisture. This method does not give such a good effect, as when washing with the conditioner, but for some time will help eliminate static electricity.
If you are not at home, and there is no possibility to use special tools, it is possible to solve the problem with water. Wet your hands and gently smooth clothes so she was a bit moist (but not wet). This will help to get rid of strong electrification things.
Try not to put on just a few things from artificial fabrics. This reduces the likelihood of static. Better to choose clothes made of cotton and linen.