Gather all the documents needed to open a coffee shop. To do everything correctly, first verify the list of employees of Rospotrebnadzor. Agree on the range and get permission to trade.
Select a location for a future coffee shop. The main criteria for selection are: convenient location, good permeability, proximity to major shopping centres or railway stations. If you are planning to rent a room, and want to open a summer café or build a separate building, you need to draft a cafe and agreed with the chief architect and the city administration, and also to be tested for compliance with sanitary and fire regulations.
Consider the concept of your coffee shop. At this stage you will need to determine the name of the cafe, with its exterior and interior design, catering, menu design and other details. The design of the interior and the cafe's concept focus on the kitchen which you intend to offer your customers: national, European, fast food and others. Your cafeteria should be bright, unique and memorable, otherwise it gets lost in the gray mass of other institutions. Pick a design café, which provides a good color scheme, beautiful furnishings and a large kitchen. To make the interior more comfortable can the right lighting. The café design should define not only the interior, but also the appearance of the institution. When developing the design project of cafeteria consider the interests of your target audience. In addition, please note the location: the design cafe, which is located in the Central part, and the design of the coffee shop, located outside the city, have some differences. A beautiful interior does not have to look expensive and elegant. You can use a minimalist style, a way which will complete a small but important decorating items.
Develop a business plan. The business plan should be fully consistent with the concept of the future of the cafeteria. At this stage it is better to consult specialists. This will help you to save a lot of time and effort.
Buy the necessary cooking equipment, crockery and furniture. If you have never worked in the field of catering, then you need to find someone who understands this and will help you make the right choice. The selection of food equipment is a very important stage as it determines the future of your coffee shop. You should also very carefully consider the choice of the future design of furniture and utensils in which you serve meals to your customers. They must fully correspond to the design project of cafeteria.
Employ the staff. To avoid mistakes when applying for a job, charge a recruitment staffing Agency. Recruitment Agency arranges the interview and will hold a competition among the candidates. You will only need to familiarize them with future job and sign an employment contract. If you decide to select the employees yourself, first and foremost, pay attention to personal and professional data, as well as the presence of medical books. Remember from the work of employees, determine the image of the coffee shop and its reputation.
Purchase special terminals for automation of work of the staff. This will help you to substantially reduce maintenance time, increase performance and facilitate the work of the waiters. When choosing a supplier of equipment, pay attention to its popularity among your competitors, as well as a list of operations that the terminal is able to perform.