You will need
  • - The Charter;
  • - the constituent contract;
  • Protocol, position, decision on establishment of organization, appointment of Director;
  • - certificate of state registration as a legal entity;
  • - the certificate on statement on the account in tax authority;
  • codes of the state statistics Committee;
  • - certificate of incorporation;
  • - the documents certifying the assortment list and volume of traded goods, terms of transportation, location of food;
  • - commodity-accompanying document;
  • - invoice indicating the time, date, term of realization of perishable products;
  • - a document certifying the right to use premises;
  • - personal medical record card, a warning card about sanitary violations.
The first thing you should do is to go through the candy shopm competitors under the guise of an ordinary customer. Pay attention to how stores are decorated, what kind of sweets and at what price filled the shelves. Ask the sellers product names, which is more than total demand. Thus, you will identify up to 10-20 types of chocolates that are worth a purchase in my shop in the beginning. And, finding out the pricing policy of competitors, you can make your sweets lower that immediately attract to you buyers.
Choose a suitable place for your shop. It should be comfortable, but at the same time spacious. Don't forget that storage of candy and other sweets need a lot of space, and over time, the range will increase. So grab a room for rent "room for growth". It can be located in a noisy shopping Mall, or in a separate building.
Convenient both for you and for buyers will be the format of the store type of "supermarket". People can freely walk between the candy stands, looking at the range of products and to collect any Goodies in the basket. And you, in turn, will save on sellers.
As for the sellers, good, if they understand the products at a high level. It is desirable to know all the names, to be able to build the scale of the popularity of certain types of candy. Also it would be helpful if the seller is familiar with their goods, because you try personally, he will be able competently and colorfully describe the taste and composition, to advise exactly what the buyers want.
Purchase to start about 30 kinds of chocolate and 15 kinds of caramel. You can also make in range of store and other sweets: cookies, ice cream, halva, marmalade. Then you will know what types to purchase more, which made to the list and which to get rid of. With the right approach and attention to customers, your store needs to expand and prosper.
Thanks to the colorful wrappers, the interior of the store only need to fill in to he emphasized and drew all the eyes of buyers is the candy. So you should prefer plain design in bright pastel shades with a small interesting accents: photographs, pictures, paintings.
Collect all the documents to open a shop, will receive a permit for vending activities. Buy and register kontrolno-cash car hire sellers and find suppliers. After all the procedures safely proceed to the realization of products that will delight both children and adults.