Massage. This is one of the most effective means. Depending on the kind of pain and the nature of muscles the massage is performed by hand or by a specialist. Calf muscle and tight muscle neck massage if necessary everyone can. The back muscles better will specialist. At least a couple times a month regular professional massage can help to relieve muscle tension, soothe the pain in the body.
The heat helps the muscles to relax. In bath you can add bath salts or essential oils. This will not only relieve discomfort, but also greatly improve mood. It is worth noting that in some cases, strong pain syndrome it is necessary to consult with your doctor.
Change the environment. Stress are often the root cause of tension in various muscle groups. Give yourself breaks, small holidays, expand your horizons, get rid of unnecessary complexes and old grudges.
Exercise. For each muscle group, you can pick up a certain set of physical exercises to do at home and at work. Even the most simple of them will help you to relax, stretch your muscles and soothe pain. The exercises contribute to the prevention of entrapment of vessels and nerves. Due to this physical body will be healthy and always in good shape.
Properly organize the space around them. Special pillows for neck, comfortable furniture, a headset for mobile communication – all this not only make life easier, but, in General, will help to forget about the tension in the muscles.
Watch your health. Do not run the disease, promptly contact your doctor and start treatment immediately. Muscle aches are often severe complication of the disease.
Learn the basics of breathing exercises. Proper breathing enriches all the muscles and internal organs with oxygen, providing them with good nutrition.
Use warming creams and balms. Modern pharmacology offers a wide range of medicines to ease pain in the muscles. Pick the right tool that you can use when needed.