If you want to do redirect all the visitors requesting any page on your website, in. htaccess you should use:Redirect / other site.
You can send to another website only those who are requesting pages from a specific folder of your site. For example, for a folder with the name goOut Directive given above, you need to change in this way:Redirect goOut/
It is possible to send to another site, only those visitors who request documents of a certain type. You need to use another Directive RedirectMatch. It differs from the Redirect Directive because it uses a comparison of the query and written to the htaccess conditions regular expression (regexp). For Example:RedirectMatch (.*).html$
To implement this redirection method in practice, open a simple text editor (Notepad) and create a blank document. Make the criteria on the basis of the rules and write it in the document. Then save with name ".htaccess" and upload it to the root directory of your site. This procedure will be completed.