Correctly specify the text you want to put in a code. It needs to be fairly short - no more than 150 characters. Despite the fact that generating a QRcodes from larger texts technically feasible, the result of this transformation can be cumbersome, unsuitable to be read by mobile phone cameras.Use codeand Cyrillic is possible but not advisable. This is due to the fact that not all programs-readers for mobile phones are able to display.
Most simply, the task of transformation of textual information in QRcode is solved by the use of specially designed for the sites. The advantage of this method lies in the possibility of using any operating system, but the disadvantage is that you must have a Internet connection.In order to create code with this method, go to one of the following sites: Procedure for using any of these sites is self-explanatory.
If the computer with which you want to create codethat is not connected to the Internet and running Windows operating system, it will require to install the program XRen QRCode. You can download it at:
Generation QRcodes in the offline mode possible in Linux operating system. To do this, use a small console application called qrencode. The procedure for its download, installation and use can be found on the following pages:
To read the code with a mobile phone can be a paper printout or from the screen of the LCD monitor, and a special scanner - only paper printouts. CRT monitor for these purposes is not suitable, because the image received from the camera phone, there will be bands, hindering the transcript.If a program to read codes on your phone yet, you can download it at the following address: