You will need
  • Counting machine for money, water.
There are several ways fast money counting. It is curious that in different countries they are different. Pick up the one which is convenient to you.
Common in Japan, the way of counting money is as follows. The stack of bills is folded in large numbers. Thus it is possible to hold on to weight or to lay on the table. The fan needs to be so wide, so you can see every bill. Then, from this fan is removed or bent several bills. For example, five pieces. If the money of the same denomination, they can be very fast to calculate. If bills of different denomination, it will take more time, but will also be effective.
Take a stack of money in his left hand, if you're right handed and Vice versa. Put the money between the middle and ring fingers. With the other hand bend the stack so that it was large the fingers of both hands. The thumb of the left hand, hold the bills, and the thumb of the right hand count them.
In Afghanistan, India, Pakistan has its own way of counting money. Bills placed on the right hand if you are right handed, and Vice versa. Then all the fingers except the thumb, holding them from above. Now your left hand is comfortable to count the money.
In Russia and Poland, the money think in a similar way. But they cover only three fingers of the right hand, if you are right handed. The little finger is under the stack of bills and support her.
In Turkey it is customary to lay out the money in piles on the table. It is also convenient.
In America, Canada and England the money in the counting held in the left hand if you right handed. The thumb of the left hand lies on top and counts, that is, shifts the notes one by one, to the right hand. The thumb of the right hand, these notes are removed.