Advice 1: How to finish knitting hats

When knitting clothes there are a lot of trifles that are not immediately given to newcomers, and without a good teacher is not enough. And when knitting hats also need to be aware of. The process of special work will not make, but to finish the knitting to properly.
How to finish knitting hats
You will need
  • Yarn;
  • - knitting needles No. 3;
  • - scissors, compasses, pencil;
  • - two pieces of thick cardboard 10/10 cm;
  • - knowledge of the basic techniques of knitting and technology implementation hinges on the spokes.
To start knitting, and dial the number of loops around the circumference of the head and tie with a rubber band. If you make a hat for an adult, proverite 4-7 see below, not subtracting loops, proverite approximately eight inches. Below the cap was the exact size, you need to try on a canvas. And based on trying to infer, it's time to finish knittingor not.
When the main part of the cap is connected, we must begin to narrow the canvas. To do this every five loops start to turn first on one loop. To do this, each fifth and sixth loop promazyvaya together. Thus provarite almost to the end capsto left to end the series 5-6. These series promazyvaya, subtracting from 2 loops, i.e. stretch the thread through the three loops. The remaining loops are removed from knitting without closing and priderite through them folded in half thread. This can be done in crochet. Flip the hat inside out and pull loops. Tie the thread into several knots and cut excess.
How to finish <b>knit</b> <strong>hats</strong>
To make the bobbles, you'll need to cut out of cardboard two disks with holes in the middle. The compass will draw on both pieces of cardboard two circles with a common center. The first – with a diameter of 4 cm, the second with diameter 10 cm Cut along the contours. Fold the cut out disks to each other. Then start to reel them into thread, passing it through the inner hole. Do this as long as the middle will not remain holes to pull the thread. Cut the yarn at the outer circumference. Fold the thread length of 60 cm in half and tie her future POM-POM between the cardboard disks. Remove the discs and stronger tighten the thread. Tie it in several knots and the same thread sew the pompon to the hat.
How to finish <b>knit</b> <strong>hats</strong>
Be careful when you cut the thread between the disks, make sure that the thread remained in their places. When you tie the pompom, hold the disks. Remove them very carefully so you don't have to redo all the work.
Useful advice
If you do not like long crochet hats, you can make a hat made out of separate parts – wedges. They will need to be cut out of knitted fabric and sew.

Advice 2: How to finish knitting elastics

A knitted knitting products not dispense with elastic straps-elastic bands. Classic paintings are executed with interleaving of a certain number of facial and purl loops. In creating the relief pattern of the elastic gum be attended by nakedi. The last row of the work can end in different ways, and this will depend on the appearance of the product.
How to finish knitting elastics
You will need
  • - two straight or circular needles;
  • - auxiliary needle;
  • - working yarn;
  • auxiliary thread;
  • needle;
  • - iron.
Tie a rubber band right height on the forward and reverse or circular rows. When the bar is completed, finish the job. This requires the final number of elastic or textured cloth to perform according to the pattern (over facial – facial over purl – purl), and simultaneously close loop gum.
Provarite edge and a subsequent front loops together with a front. Formed on the right side, the needle loop transfer again on the left needle; again provarite subsequent neighboring thread bow together. If after removed the front loop should be reverse, do not the obverse, and the reverse loop.
Continue to close the last row of gum at the described specimen, while the edge of blade is not formed neat plaited loops-links. They should all be exactly the same.
Try not too long closing loop, not to pull the canvas. This not only deforms the rubber, but also deprives its elasticity. For convenience, it is recommended to finish the knitting gum spokes, more on one room than the main working tool. And below edge of gum was not sloppy stretched, close the front loops for the bottom wall and always follow the pattern.
Try to perform an elastic band sewn strap. You need to associate an elastic strip or embossed with the required height, and when working on the final series of bands (there may be from two to four) to introduce additional thread. At the end of the strip without removing the locking threads, carefully zautyuzhte the last row of open loops.
Remove the thread and sew the elastic band to the main product cattalini seam (stitches are "snake" through the open loop of the last row). If you finish the elastic will thus result in a beautiful scalloped edge.
If elastic fabric is the initial stage of the knitting large components (e.g., backrests, shelves, legs or wide sleeves), you may need to finish the last row with uniform additions of loops. This extends the subsequent knitting. In this case allowances are made of broaches, that is, the cross threads between adjacent loops.
Useful advice
If the strong expansion of the product there is no need, elastic fabric, you can simply perform thinner spokes. After working on the gum will need to replace them with basic tool. Another option – an introduction to the work of the subsidiary threads. When knitting gum ends, this thread is carefully removed.
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