You will need
  • photos partner, a sheet of paper, pen, memories
Think, would you meet and communicate with your partner if knew it as good as it is now, would you want him to build a long relationship? A negative response indicates that your connection is only habit, rather than love and respect. While you have the opportunity, break the relationship. Otherwise, you will spoil each other life.
Ask yourself the question: why do you love your partner. If you love it just for the fact that it's this is, it is possible that you have real feelings, because he used to draw you something specific. Remember, what was the beginning of your relationship. Perhaps partner has struck you with his loving eyes, reverent attitude and demeanor.
If present, these qualities you do not admire, and you see in your chosen one only flaws that irritate you, so you share only a habit, and love is gone. You used to live like it, and I'm afraid to change anything.
Try to determine no impact on your relationship stereotypes. Your relationship will not bring you joy, unsolvable problems a lot more. But everyone around know about your future wedding. The groom or bride like parents and friends. Yes, and you've been together so long that breaking the relationship is awkward and I spent years?
In this case, you are too susceptible to the opinions of others, about love here, however. But you must have your opinion on this matter. This is your life and only you can decide what to do with it. And then I'd think about your family and parents, not so bad compared to the spoiled life...
Take a photo of the partner, look closely at her. Write on a sheet of paper all the qualities that you like in it, and next to those traits that annoy you. It helps to clarify the question of what ties you.