Imagine the thoughts of the character or just a funny face, you would like to draw.
Take a clean sheet of paper in any format, any size ruler, a couple pencils with different degrees of hardness and an eraser.
Draw a circle or oval. This geometric figure does not have to be perfect in its form, so draw it by hand without using a special ruler with a circle or oval. This is the head.
Divide your circle into two equal parts with a vertical line. A guide line using a ruler or freehand. In the center of the circle and in the middle held the line draw a small circle or oval, which will serve as the nose faces.
Under and over the painted nose, draw two small horizontal lines.
The upper horizontal lines draw the eyes, and at the level of the lower horizontal line draw a mouth.
At the bottom of the circle, draw another two circles – this will be the cheeks and the upper part draw the eyebrows.
Create and draw the hair, hat, mustache, freckles or beard faces. Use additional items – glasses, eyeglasses, phone, headphones, change the hair. With the help of additional lines (wrinkles), shape of eyes and mouth give his face painted an emotional image. Draw funny, surprised, sad, evil or good face at its discretion.
Sketch in thin lines, don't use too soft a pencil.
Move all the main lines with a darker color (take a softer pencil), and all secondary and auxiliary lines erase with an eraser.
Use a computer to draw funny faces, work with graphic editors. The principle of the process is the same – the image is created by simple shapes.