Acting as an accessory scarf or silk scarf perfectly complements her hairstyle, and in some cases, and fixes it. For example, a handkerchief can keep a braid, only it needs to be longer. Is quite simple: divide hair into two equal parts, and a scarf to wear on the neck. Braided two braids, the ends are woven in them. And then the braids are placed on the head, and they tied the knot of the free ends of the scarf. Hairstyle is ready.

It is possible to go the other way, tying a scarf like a bandana. To simplify your task, you need to collect hair in a bun or ponytail at the nape, leaving a few front strands loose. You need to make a scarf of fabric semblance of the rim and twist it around the head, tying the ends in a bow. You can leave, but it is better to err, and to fix a belt on two sides with Bobby pins, the ends of which are then conveniently hide under the hair. When it is finished, it is possible to dissolve the hair, or leave it as it is.

Scarf will adorn and surround the beam. To do this, first created the hairstyle and then the accessory simply wraps around the base of the beam. Here again not to do without stealth, and the beam and does a better seal with hairspray.

To create a cute and at the same time one of the most fashionable looks this season, we also need to collect hair at the nape, but do it a little differently. You must create the volume for the entire head using the fleece and securing it with lacquer to make hair ballerina, high ponytail, or just form of hair something similar to a bun, and secure it with Bobby pins. After to take a scarf, fold it in the same way as in the previous case, with the only difference that now the end of the scarf should be tucked inside. Then wrap the accessory around your head and tie a round knot. The tips need to hide inside. Hair completed.

To make such hairstyle will not be easy, and in addition, all of these options are very comfortable and great for every day. So, without exaggeration, the scarf is very stylish, and most importantly, so simple.