You will need
  • grinding paste for glass;
  • - the handpiece;
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - special polymer composition.
Go to the car shop or to the market to buy right to repair items. Buy a drill with a diamond tip, a transparent adhesive and a set of plates which are part of the set to work with cracks.
Make a hole in the ground the beginning and end cracks appeared with the help of a drill. This must be done in order to prevent the further spread of the chip on glass. However, make this procedure not the entire thickness of the glass, and only on the layer on which is present the crack without affecting the others. Make holes at a distance of about three millimeters from the edges of the chip, and then connect them with light taps of a hammer on glass.
Clean carefully the damaged windshield with acetone, and then seal the crack with duct tape to prevent leakage of moisture and dust.
Treat Foundation ("stars") the places from which the crack was formed. For this we drilled them so that the windshield was not even a small crumb from "stars".
After that, apply on damage place a thin layer of special glue to the brim. Then apply on the treated glue the fracture of the plate, which should have been purchased in a set.
Proceed to the drying process using a UV lamp. Please note that under the sunlight drying glue is not recommended, as it will lead to uneven drying of the adhesive.
Blade cut off the excess glue after it dries. After that, gently Polish the surface of the windshield with a special polymer composition and a polishing machine, and then a polishing paste for glass.
How to fix chipped windshield