What is the estimate of repairs

Well-written estimates will allow you to properly plan and organize repair work, completing them in the shortest possible time with optimal results. If the repairs are not cosmetic, which requires only materials, your estimate should consist of two parts:
- for the repairbut-finishing works;
- on the flow (rough), and finishing materials.

The purpose of budgeting is the calculation of material requirements and actual cost of all repairs from the removal of old coatings to the final decoration of the apartment. Budgeting will allow you to avoid unexpected expenses, however, as experience shows, they still would be advisable to postpone a further 10% of the estimated cost, which was calculated.

As an estimate for the repair of the apartment

Of course, good if you have some skills and an idea of how to do the repair, but to calculate the approximate costs you will be able in any case. You can use the model estimates to find online, or on their basis, make a calculation with Excel spreadsheets. On the Internet you can download both paid and free programs-calculators: Win-Smeta, TURBOMATIC, DefSmeta, etc.

Inspect each room of the apartment and make a list of consumables and finishing materials that you'll need. The approximate cost you can look in the Internet directories construction of hypermarkets, price lists of manufacturers. Make a list of construction, repair and finishing works, their cost can be determined by the price lists of construction companies or private teams who also offer their services via the Internet. Please note, the units of measure scope of work.

You will need to consider the need for such materials that are used for repair work, primer, putty, dry plaster mixture, adhesives for tiles, Wallpaper and other coverings, plumbing, pipes, taps, filters, wires, sockets, switches, screws, nails, underlay under the laminate, etc. For the decoration you will need: Wallpaper, facing ceramic tile, decorative floor and wall coverings; laminate, linoleum or parquet Board, gypsum Board, baseboards, paint, Windows and interior doors, etc.

Draw a freehand plan of the apartment to make it easier to do measurements, measure with a tape measure the surface area of floors, walls, etc. Calculate the required volumes of consumables. Note that at least 5% must be added to the marriage. Define the scope of work and calculate their cost.