If the FM receiver is equipped with a telescopic antenna, and its capabilities are not enough, take a piece of insulated wire of length two meters, sweep it on one side about 5 mm, saladita and solder the crocodile clip. Straighten the wire and put the clip on the telescoping antenna (it should be minimized). By changing the position of such antenna, get good reception.
Good results can be achieved using in conjunction with an FM receiver TV antenna (required room and without amplifier). The Central contact of the plug connect with a telescopic antenna, and an annular contact with the common wire of the receiver. If an indoor antenna, but there is only collective, wrap around the insulation of the coaxial cable is about 20 turns of wire, one end of which connect the telescopic antenna of the receiver, and the other will not connect.
Stereos designed for connecting the FM antenna of the "dipole". In contrast to the AM loop antenna, connected to separate terminals, FM dipole is often lost. If this happens, take two pieces of wire of equal length (about five feet) and connect it to each terminal on the wire. Get the best reception by changing the position of the conductors in space.
To the music center you can also connect the TV antenna (indoor and without amplifier), but in this case it will have to coordinate wave resistance. At the center is equal to 300 Ohms, and the antenna 75. If the TV antenna has a flat cable that connects to the TV via a matching transformer, remove the end, then connect the cable directly to the center.
The same transformer can be used to align with the center of the television antenna with the usual plug, but then it would have to enable "reverse" to convert 300-Ohm impedance 75-Ohm and back. To do this, use the transformer primary winding as secondary and secondary as primary.