So, the feature is an official document, which is documented by signature and seal. Characteristics may be presented in various instances, so it is very important to properly execute. Feature starts with a header. First you specify the document name (Description), and then clarify exactly who composed this characteristic. For example, FEATURE
Head of HR Department, ZAO "Stroimontazh"
Ivan Kurochkin Stanislavovichdovnar part is issued at the center, and you must provide the title, organization name and the full name of the person written feature.
The next part of the characteristics of the head should include his personal data. You must specify the surname, name, patronymic, date of birth of the head. Also, you should specify how long it takes the current position in the organization. After questionnaire data is the most important and voluminous part of the performance - assessment work activities of the head. In this part you should give the characteristics of labor activity of your head, and this assessment should be as objective and correct. Can you list which projects have been carried out under the guidance of this person, what positive changes have occurred in the organization under his command.
The next part of the features of the head includes an evaluation of its business and personal qualities. Business quality leader manifested his competence, professionalism and experience. You can assess your head to cope with their governing functions , such as planning the work of the team and supervises staff. Personal qualities include his psychological quality, communication skills, tolerance, ability to find common language with subordinates, and so on.
At the end of the features you need to summarize - do you feel that your boss has all the necessary qualities of a leader? How to relate to his activities other subordinates? Remember that the characteristics are not allowed hurtful language and subjective assessment, not backed by facts. After completing the feature, do not forget to specify the surname, initials and position in the organization. Under the name signature and stamp (if necessary). Usually the characteristics are compiled in two copies - one copy is served, by appointment, and the second remains in the archives of the organization.