You will need
  • individual information for each employee (the period of the statutory holiday, the period of calculation of provisions, wages, and interest rates on insurance), calculator, Notepad, pen.
Select the circle of people, which will be calculated the reserve on holidays. It was convenient to calculate the reserve, it will be preferable to consider the categories of staff, e.g., administrative personnel, or any Department of the organization.
Count the number of people in the selected category.
For each employee, identify how the number of months the employee is entitled to a vacation in the upcoming year.
Determine the total number of days leave for all staff up to the date of creation of the reserve. To do this you must first calculate the number of days prescribed for each employee by dividing the number established by the legislation of vacation days per year (28 days) for 12 months multiplied by the number of months of leave for each employee in the coming year. To obtain the total number of days of leave add up all the indicators.
Determine the average daily earnings for this category of employees. To find it, first calculate the average monthly earnings by category, by dividing the sum of all salaries of employees of the category to the number of staff. The resulting number should be divided by 29.4 (the average number of days in the month).
Now he calculate the reserve by multiplying the total amount of vacation days of all employees on daily average earnings of the category. The resulting amount is the reserveth vacation of employee contributions. For calculating the amount of the reserveand with the rate on insurance premiums, multiply the amount of reserveand the amount of rate and add the amount of the reserveand without the tariff.