You will need
  • The company with sufficient equity capital, desire to increase capital.
Change of own capitaland depend on the involved capitaland borrowed capital. For the normal functioning of enterprises need sufficient cash capitalto carry out financial operations. Private capital is determined by the total value of the assets of the company. The aggregate deposits of shareholders represents the share capitaland reserve capital is guaranteed protection for creditors. Revaluation of fixed assets and unfinished construction is the increase in the value of the property, which is called incremental capitalohms. The net profit is distributed between shareholders as dividends or used for working capital and the accumulation of property. The growth of own capitaland depend on retained earnings, which is increasing every year.
Some organizations placed their profit in banks on call deposits. Very easy to use program designed specifically for legal entities in almost every Bank in the country. The point is that the funds can be removed from the escrow account at the time when they are needed. In exactly the same way the amount can be increased to the desired level. The Bank monthly or 2 times per month is credited to the company interest on the Deposit to the current account. To manage the funds better use of client-Bank not to go to the Bank several times a day for the transfer of funds.
To increase private capitaland enterprise may surrender their property to rent, accept financial aid, to attract investors. The increase in turnover rate leads to an increase in capital, but at the same time requires high labor productivity, improvement of management, supply and demand. Also have to reduce cycle time and reduce the complexity of the product.