Advice 1: How to discharge car battery

In the yard in the hot summer, but motorists with the experience now, following popular wisdom, which refers to a sleigh and cart, thinking of preparations for winter operation. And in cold weather it is necessary to ensure the machine reliable battery.
How to discharge car battery
You will need
  • charger.
A well charged battery will be able to provide energy to the starter for a successful engine start in any weather. It depends on the degree of load on the driver during the autumn-winter period. To be more precise, the ability of the battery to retain its capacity.
In connection with the foregoing, from the operation of the battery in summer, depends neither more nor less than its trouble-free operation in winter. Automotive generator is designed in such a way that they generated energy provides only charge the battery in the range of 70-80 percent density. And in order to recover lost capacity after each engine start by the starter, the power plant required to operate at medium speed continuously for two hours, at least. You understand that, in terms of movement of transport in the city compliance with such a regime is simply impossible.
The conclusion is: the battery in anticipation of winter need to nourish energy. But, oddly enough, to restore the density of the electrolyte while increasing its capacity, the unit must first be defused.
To achieve this task battery is removed from the car, and its terminals connected load of the electric motor or light bulb, a power of 40 watts. In the course of this process is required to periodically monitor the voltage at the battery terminals (connect a voltmeter to it). The lowest possible acceptable level of discharge is equal to 11.7 volts. In cases of overcoming it in the battery, there is an irreversible process, and can be taken for scrap.

Advice 2: How to restore a car battery

Battery not start the car? Do not rush to replace it with a new one. Follow proven tips and extend its service life for another few seasons. Do not forget to constantly maintain it after recovery.
How to restore a car battery
You will need
  • - prepared electrolyte
  • - distilled water
  • - hydrometer
  • - charger – for example, "Cedar" with the automatic cycle, eliminating overcharging
  • - desulfonema additive added to the electrolyte
  • - pipette and a small enema
Most often, the battery failure displays incorrect operation. Downtime in the winter in traffic with headlights, fan, rear window heating, radio draining it so that the engine restart becomes impossible. The forgetfulness of drivers leaving for a long time on size – also lead to problems when the starter is on the car.
If he decreased capacity due to the long discharge, sulfation of the plates – to bring him back to life to help a long charge-discharge cycle.
"Intensive care" should start with flushing the battery with distilled water, pouring the old electrolyte. Flip and shake him out of all the garbage. And then the points:
To dissolve in the electrolyte the additive and pour it in a battery.
To connect the charger (filler tube is not spinning!) and start the charge-discharge cycle in automatic mode.
Cycle hold until the terminal voltage reaches to 13.8 to 14.2 volts.
Discharge the battery through a light bulb connected to a voltage 10, 8 volts.
Re-start the charge-discharge cycle, to note the charging time and charging current. Multiplying, determine the battery capacity. When you reach the nominal capacity, restoration to finish.
These operations will not only help to restore a vehicle's battery for further operation, but also learn how to deal with him in the future.
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