You will need
  • - boomerang
  • - gloves,
  • - open platform.
If you are going to start a boomerang, find out, bilateral or unilateral, you have a projectile? If both ends are of equal, is a two sided boomerang. Unilateral one end plane and the second rounded. Round face unilateral boomerang its upper part. It is very important to determine when you are going to throw a boomerang.
For those who are just starting to work with boomerang, the first launch is best done with complete calm. The trajectory of the boomerang is very sensitive to the slightest gusts of wind that eyes can even be invisible. Run the shell in absolutely calm weather, and then when you've mastered the technique, you will be able to control its flight and to take into account deviations due to wind.
To start you need to choose the place – there should be enough space. Not located close to electrical wires or went people. Boomerang – a dangerous subject, don't throw it at people and animals.
Take the boomerang vertically, hold the fist with the end. Select the goal. The most conveniently located purpose – slightly higher than the level of the triggering hand. Holding the boomerang firmly, but easily and freely, without straining. The basic holding his fingers – thumb and index. Plane launch the boomerang vertical movement should be sharp and scathing, the whole body and especially the wrist.
To catch a boomerang is harder than to run it. If you have a shell, purchased at random without consulting a knowledgeable person, the first time do not try to catch him, watch as he returns. Some boomerangs have sharp edges, catching them can be dangerous. Take a shell so hold it with two hands like you want to clap your hands. First time use gloves so as not to injure hands.