Be tolerant with people. Accept the right of every colleague to be yourself. If you can't understand the motives of human behavior, it does not mean that he is wrong. You can't know everything, so do not rush to blame your employees for any actions or words.
Look at the people who, in your opinion, not exactly friendly disposed towards you. Think about what motives can they lead. Do not provoke the enemies on the conflict. If such a colleague you don't often intersect at the working point, try to make contact with him.
Do not take the attacks of colleagues at their own expense. The fact that they dislike you, their personal problem. To your competencies or personal qualities, it is irrelevant. Don't let the detractors to underestimate your self-esteem and reduce your working enthusiasm. Do you have information about your employment achievements and you know that you are worthy of love and respect.
Should not worsen relations with your immediate supervisor. Don't argue with them openly. Watch the tone in conversation or correspondence with the authorities. Your position with the guide should be equal. Do not cave in under the person who precedes you up the career ladder. But words must be careful.
Maintain corporate traditions. Celebrate the holidays with colleagues, if your workplace is accepted. Sometimes you have to bring something for tea to treat employees, or bring small Souvenirs for the colleagues from vacation. Participate in corporate events.
Not opposes itself to the collective. Do not try to seem smarter, more experienced or more intelligent colleagues. Otherwise, you may end up not just alone but also in the doghouse with most people. Try to establish contact with every person with whom your relationship work. Surely you have some common ground or a common topic for discussion.
Attitude and all the problems that are associated with it, including difficult moments in relations with kollektivom adequately. It's just a place where you work. If the situation goes too far, you have the freedom of choice. Act in their own interests and change job and team.