Advice 1: How to water the sprouts

Water plays an important role when cabbage seeds just tick in the box for seedlings. Soil for seedlings must be sprinkled with water for 4 - 5 days. That is, this vegetable loves the glaze practically from childhood."
How to water the sprouts
You will need
  • - cabbage seeds,
  • - box for seedlings,
  • cups for seedlings,
  • - water,
  • - potassium permanganate,
  • - fertilizers,
  • - watering can or sprinkler,
  • - spray bottle.
Potting mix for seedlings should contain a lot of soluble nutrients and to be very specific heat, light, loose, permeable; it is prepared from fresh humus and sod land with the addition of peat. After 9 - 10 days after seeding the seedlings are placed in separate cups and put the house on the windowsill. Before that cabbage watering solution of potassium permanganate.
When there are two true leaves, the seedlings of cabbage begin to spray with a solution consisting of water, a complex of vitamins and minerals. In the future, seedlings in cups should be regularly watered with water at room temperature.
Two weeks before planting cabbage in the open ground its hardened - refers to the balcony or into the greenhouse with a temperature of around five degrees Celsius, but at night returned to the house. At the beginning of hardening vegetable is sprayed with a solution of urea and potassium sulphate – one tablespoon per 10 liters of water. On one plant only has about a Cup of this tool.
A week before planting vegetable in the garden it ceases to pour. Plenty of water is necessary only for the two hours prior to placing the plants in the garden. Early cabbage watered profusely in June and late in August. Evening watering is most effective. The water temperature needs to be above 18 degrees.
Before planting cabbage for preservation of soil moisture, which is so fond of this vegetable, spend harrowing of seedbeds. After placing in the ground the plants watered every 3 - 4 days for two weeks with 5 – 6 litres of water per square meter. Subsequent irrigation can be carried out on a weekly basis, but for 12 - 15 liters of water per square meter. The most effective watering techniques - the start of water along the furrow, watering can, or using the special sprinkler installation. In particularly hot days it is recommended to spray over beds in the sun warmed water from a spray bottle.
The lack of water in the soil slows the ripening of the vegetable. It sheds its leaves and stops growing. Due to irregular flows of water, especially with the extremes of drought and abundant watering, cabbages crack.
Useful advice
After each watering and after rain is required to loosen the beds of cabbage to a depth of 5 - 8cm.

Advice 2: How often should I water the garden

Novice gardeners are sometimes interested in the question of irrigation of crops grown on the plot. Consensus does not exist here, because it depends on many factors, for example, from region to region, from varieties of vegetables, from the location of the crops, and much more.
How often should I water the garden
If you are growing in your garden cucumbers should know that they love moisture. Therefore, they need to be watered frequently. But keep in mind that excess water in the soil can lead to the death of the root system. To avoid this, when the temperature is below 15 degrees instead of watering loosen the ground (at a depth of 6 cm). The optimum temperature of irrigation water should vary between 22-25 degrees, it is better to use pooled water.
Tomatoes should be watered rare, but abundant. If you see that the soil is moist, leave it as it is. When watering the water jet should be directed at the root, but some gardeners make special grooves, believing that thus they protect the root system from the formation of rot.
When growing cauliflower, you should know that she loves moisture. If it will be missed, the plugs are not formed. That is why on 1 square meter consume 20 liters of water. But if you notice a darkening of the cabbage leaves, reduce watering to a minimum for a while. In Sunny weather, moisten the soil only in the morning and evening, if you water the cabbage in the period of the solstice, the leaves appear burned. In cloudy weather, spray water at the root.
Peppers should be watered as they dry. This plant loves moisture, but a deficiency in the soil can not tolerate. Moisten the soil in the morning, pouring in 10 liters of settled water at 20 bushes. The roots develop evenly before watering gently loosen the earth, and at first one side and then the next day or two.
If you decide to grow zucchini, you should know that they do not tolerate moisture on the leaves, so water them at the root. These cultures are like moderate watering. Before flowering they need to be watered once a week, while consuming 4 liters per square meter.
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