By the time how to plant cabbage in the open ground, it should be:

- early cabbage is 12-20 cm in height, with five to seven true leaves.

- mid and late cabbage – 15-20 cm in height, with four to six leaves.

To produce planting should be to a depth of the first real leaves, that is, third if you count the two cotyledon leaf. Performing the fit, it is necessary to ensure that the growing point of the plant, that is, the last young leaves, was not littered the ground.

Approximate planting scheme 70 X 30 cm or 50X50 cm Too thickening of the planting is still not to be – the cabbage plants will be large, and space on earth, like light, they will need a lot.

Plants to plant better in the second half of the day or in cloudy weather. When planting Kale, it is necessary to water.

Some varieties of cabbage can be grown nonseedlings method, if the soil is well cleaned from weeds, rainfall regularly, and the climate is favorable. To sow the seeds immediately in the soil, the depth of the preferred 1.5-3 cm.

The time for sowing it is necessary to choose the early frosts, this cabbage is not afraid. After germination thin plants to the desired plant density (between plants in the row should be about 40 cm). Caring for these plants is necessary to carry out the same as usual.