The reason why the lowered corners of lips, is natural aging, which is also reduces lips in volume. The upper lipbecomes dry, fine lines on top edge. The most vulnerable women with a pessimistic and depressed expression. To prevent this problem in the future, to smile, even when talking, keeping a friendly facial expression. It is a kind of gymnastics. In this position the muscles are in a constant training that does not allow them to SAG, forming wrinkles.
To maintain the facial muscles in tone, you need a regular massage.
•Place the index fingers of both hands over the middle of the top lips, respectively, left and right, and middle fingers under the middle of the bottom lip. Make a sliding movement toward the middle ear.
•Similarly, position the thumbs, forefinger under the lower lipOh, and the middle under the chin at the front edge. Of motion ends at the ear lobe. These simple techniques will help you strengthen the muscles of the lower part of the face and lift the corners of the lips.
Alternative to conventional massages is acupressure (acupressure).
•The little fingers of both hands apply to the corners of the lips, a nameless place under the zygomatic bones, and the middle and index finger press in the middle of the front edge of the auricle. Generate pressure on these points for two minutes, making simultaneous evenly pulsating movement. A guide for you that you got on the active points will be unpleasant pulling and aching feeling. Pressure on these points activates the muscles that lift the corners of the mouth and smoothing the skin on the cheeks around the lips.
•Ring fingers put under the lower lip. Point of action define, finding the middle between the points, located at the corner of his mouth and the middle of the lips. Middle fingers put in the corners of the mouth on the lower lip. Forefinger, place over the mandibular joint. At the same time the fingers of both hands produce a gentle pressure for two minutes. In contact with the active points, unpleasant pulling sensation on the chin in the direction of the head. With this exercise the skin on the chin and cheeks smoothed, the oval of the face becomes clearer.
To strengthen the circular muscles of the mouth perform special exercises:
•Drag the corners of the mouth to the sides, inhale through gritted teeth, pull lipsyou tube, and exhale in reverse order.
•Inhale as in the first exercise, and exhale through the left, then the right corner of his mouth.
•Inhale through your mouth, strongly clenching the teeth, exhale through the mouth, puffing out his cheeks.
•Pull your lipsinside s mouth, crushing their teeth. Keep that position for a few seconds.
•Lift the corners of the mouth up, first together, then alternately.
•Exercise the same as in the previous exercise, only the lower corners of the mouth.