You will need
  • The Windows 7 installation disc
  • Paragon Partition Magic
The easiest way to connect the broken local disks into a single unit to do it during the installation of the Windows 7 operating system. Turn on the computer and press Del to enter the BIOS. Look for Boot Device Priority and set first your optical drive. Insert the installation disc of Windows Seven and restart the computer.
After you run setup operating system wait until the selection screen section. Click "drive options". Select one of the topics that need to connect, find the button "Delete" and press it.
How to connect the broken <strong>CDs</strong>
Repeat the process with the other partitions you want to merge. Click "Create", specify the size of the future section and click "Apply". Continue with the installation of the operating system. Note: all partitions will be deleted.
If you have no desire to reinstall the operating system, or you need to save important data on the partitions after they join, then use Paragon Partition Magic. You can download it from this site:
Install the program and restart the computer. This will grant the program full access to partitions of your hard drives. Run the program and select any of the possible modes. Select "merge partition".
How to connect the broken <strong>CDs</strong>
Specify the section or sections to which you want to connect the first area. Do not select the items to "Format" and "Change file system". Click "Apply".
Wait for the window to restart the computer and complete this operation. The program will continue to work in DOS mode. The operation time varies from 20 minutes to several hours.