You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
If you need to save the information stored on local disks after they have been combined, use the utility Paragon Partition Manager. Download the version of this program that will work with the operating system installed on the computer. Restart the computer so that the program collected the necessary information about the hard disks.
Run Partition Manager and wait for it to download. Look for a tab "Masters", located on the toolbar and open it. Go to the menu "options" and select "merge partition". Click "Next" in the opened menu.
Now select the partition to which you attach another local drive. The total volume will receive the letter of this section. Specify the folder in which to save all the data of the second local disk. Now select the section you want to attach to the previous. Remember that if this hard drive have an operating system installed, the first partition must always specify the system volume. Otherwise, the OS will not boot, because it will change the drive letter. Click "Next" after selecting the join section.
View visual representation of upcoming changes and click "Next" if you have correctly set all the parameters. Now just click "Finish". Look on the toolbar the button "Apply pending changes" and click it. After some time a window will appear with additional information. Click "Restart now". The program will continue executing the merge process partitions in DOS mode.
Repeat this algorithm to connect other local drives system volume. One approach is to connect only two sections.