You will need
  • - program split the hard drive into sectors, for example, Acronis Disc Director.
Download Acronis Disc Director from official website manufacturer. Follow the installation instructions in the installation wizard.
Save all important data.
Run the program. In the opened window you will see all the partitions on your hard drive, select them and click the left menu "Merge volume". All existing logical drives will turn into one.
In the appeared new window, click to check the second partition. When you see the button "Apply pending operations" on the top bar of the window changed the color, click on it to perform actions.
Reboot system on-demand programs.
If it's not possible to merge the sections above described method, try method of increasing section. To do this, save all data from logical disk, which in the future you will have to remove. If it was previously installed programs, respectively, do their reinstallation as copying the installation files will not give you any results – when you transfer they will have another address.
Through the menu program "Acronis" delete the partition not containing the required information. This creates unpartitioned space, in the amount of the former logical disk, remember this number. If you want to combine more than two disks, repeat this for other sections, also not forgetting that when they are deleted files will not be saved.
Increase with the same menu, the size of the logical disk on the value of vacant space (it will appear as Unallocated area of the disk). If it was deleted more than one partition, then increase the value by an amount equal to the sum of the sizes of the former logical drives. Then restart the computer.