You will need
  • The RAID controller.
For starters learn the specifications of the motherboard used in your computer. Read the instructions carefully. All the necessary information you can get on the website of the manufacturer of that device or your computer.
Purchase a RAID controller, if you have verified that the motherboard does not have the capability of creating an array without an additional device. Connect it to the computer. Select the RAID array. This will completely depend on your further actions.
If you have only two hard drives, you can create the following types of arrays: RAID 0 and RAID 1. In the first case, you get one General, the amount of which will contribute to the parameters of the two winchesters. Use this type to create a large local disk.
To prevent the loss of important information, create an array of type RAID 1. In this case, the total amount of aggregate disk is equal to the size of the smaller hard drive. If one of the HDD fails, all the necessary information will be saved on the second hard drive.
Connect the hard drives to set a RAID controller or the motherboard of the computer. Turn your PC on and press Del to enter the BIOS. Select the tab Boot Device. Find Disk Mode, and enable RAID. Press F10 and save the settings.
Then restart the computer. Wait until you see the settings menu of the synchronous operation of winchesters. Specify the type of the created RAID array. Select the hard drives to be included in the array. When you configure a RAID 0, identify the primary hard drive.
Save the changes to the settings of hard drives. Again restart the computer. Proceed to install the new operating system.