The main problem when sending large files is that there could be a connection failure. Unfortunately, nobody is immune to it. So if you or your partner low-speed Internet connections, to transmit information online will be difficult. However, there are several ways to transfer large files.
The modern service e-mailbox allows you to send email files up to 2GB in size – this size will fit a standard movie length is about one and a half hours. In this case the transfer is not from letter to letter and the file is posted on the website – the domain server your email.
Log into your box and click the "Write a letter". As usual when you create emails, select the recipient, specify the subject of the message, if necessary. Click on the "Attach file". With its help, you can attach documents of small size. But you will see a button "Attach a file of size up to 2GB". Click on it and use the "Browse" specify the path to the file on your computer you want to share with someone.
Click "Attach". Large-format files are downloaded to electronic service and are kept there up to two months free or up to a year provided you make certain fees. Send an email and your recipient will receive a message with a link which will direct it to a specific folder in the vault. In this case, the uploaded information will be available only to those users you have included in the mailing list. The person on the other end will only click on the "Download" button and wait for completion of downloading a large file to your computer. You do not need to remain online.
If you have the opportunity long to leave a computer included, you can transfer large files through online communication services such as ICQ and Skype. The recipient must be present in your contacts list, and its settings must be enabled reception of information. To reduce the time, you just need to drag and drop the required file in the dialog box, in which there is correspondence. Once your friend will allow downloading information to your computer, start the file transfer. It is very important that both "related" between a computer connected to the Internet until the upload is finished.