You will need
  • archiver;
  • storage area;
  • - Messager;
  • - Opera 10.
Find out if your mail server limits the amount of information. If your file slightly exceeds it, you can try to shrink it with the help of special programs (e.g. 7z) and still send it just by mail.
If you use any Messager – ICQ, Magent, Skype, large-sized file can be sent via these programs. Of course, you have to stay in touch with the recipient for quite a long time, because transfer speed depends on your bandwidth connection and its speed.
Convenient way to transfer large volume of files through file sharing. You can upload your file on one of the free sites to configure access – make it open to everyone or password-protected, and then send your friend the link. One can download the file at a convenient time, and you will be able to remove the information from the network. Before downloading read the rules of file sharing, many of them also are restrictions on the amount of injected information.
Starting with the tenth version of Opera, the browser has a built-in application "Opera Unite", allowing you to transfer large files, I pass the server gear. Of course, both you and the recipient should be similar to the browser. In order to start using the app, the user has to register in the dialog box and open the access file that it wants to send. Not to make this information public, can allow the jump only after entering the password you set.
When sending a large volume of information , use archiver, with which the file can be divided into several parts and send them in the mail. The person who designed this file will need to unzip it to use the information.