You will need
  • is e - mail;
  • - the file to load.
Most e-mail services provides its users with an excellent service for sending large files. The convenience of this feature is that it is not required special handling and time, as the loading volume information are automated: the file itself will be sent to the server. Your task is only to choose during e-mail the corresponding item.
For example, in "" when creating a new message simply click the link that says "Send a file > 20 Mb", which is located to the right of the button "Attach file". After clicking the link you will be on the next page with the address which can send up to twenty files weighing up to one Gigabyte. To send them to the server, click "Upload file", select the location and wait for the download to complete. Then click "Get a link" - it will need to insert in the "body" of your letter.
Here you can take VIIP-access, in which information of a large volume on the server is stored for up to two months. To activate a VIP-access you can use sms messages cost 54 rubles in Russia and 2 in.e. for the other countries. Plugging this function, you can extend the shelf life of their information on the server to increase to 2 GB in size can be sent at one time information and up to 20 GB of storage. And the whole year, your documents can be located on the website while connected to a paid service "Superfail". Its cost exclusive of VAT is 27 rubles for Russia and 1 from.e. for the other countries.
"Yandex" large amounts of information are uploaded to file hosting service "Yandex.People", where one can drop multiple files at once. The maximum single file size can reach up to 5 GB. Another advantage of this hosting is the storage of information for up to three months. When downloading multiple files, the maximum amount of each should be about 2 GB.