There are several ways to transmit video to the receiver via e-mail. Many email providers prohibit you to transfer files larger than 20-30 MB. In order to transfer large video files in the application, register the mailbox on Hotmail ( This postal service with Russian interface allows you to attach to e-mail attachments up to 10 GB. For easy download you can also split a large video file such as a DVD, program WinRAR in equal parts.

All other methods of video transmission by e-mail are reduced to the download of the video via special services and receive links to view or download.
The second method offers you and your recipient to receive a direct link to view the video directly in the browser without the need of downloading on the computer's hard drive. This will help you largest YouTube.

Sign up on the website (htttp:// or log on to the website using the username and password from Google Mail. After logging in, you will see a link "Add video" at the top of the website. Click on it and on the new page Explorer, select a video to download or click the "Record from webcam" if you want to record a greeting online. When the download is complete you will receive a unique link to your video.

Sending the link to the recipient via e-mail, he will always be able to watch videos on YouTube and add it to your browser's bookmarks.
The third method of video transfer download file to some file sharing service or "file sharing". You can upload large files (usually 2-10 GB) sites:

There are also other free file-sharing services, but they do not support the resume file is difficult to download the video to your computer receiver:

Typically, these services do not require registration and downloading the videos is done via the button "Add file". After downloading the file, copy the unique download link and send it via email to the recipient.