You will need
  • 50g of yarn (100m), spokes №3, a hook №4.
You must first associate the occipital part of the cap. For sample and measurements you can take a simple knit or flannel cap of your baby. Making calculations based on head circumference and the thickness of the thread, type the desired number of loops on the knitting needles and knit elastic band 1:1 approximately 32-34-36 series, based on the size of baby's head. Ie you have to bind the rectangle corresponding to the size of the occipital part of the cap-sample, and preferably a little more than sample.
How to knit a hat <b>knitting</b>
The resulting rectangle inset on the spokes on the right and then to the left. You need to score at 16-18-20 edge (outer) loops left and right.
How to knit a hat <b>knitting</b>
The first row fit in the front surface. Edge loops are the edges need to purl into the front of the crossed loops. First knit from the right edge. When you purl into the first typed the patels, add 1 loop of the drive after every two loops to a total of 8 additional loops.
Further facial provarite hinges hinges top bound of the rectangle. Then add of the drive 1 loop. Provarite 2 loops left edge of the rectangle, crossed the front loops. On the left edge, knit the same as right. In the end, should have 24 loops on both edges and loop in the middle (how many depends on your initial calculations should be approximately 17-22). On 32 row knit the front stitch, then 6 rows elastic 1 × 1. Close the loop.
How to knit a hat <b>knitting</b>
The cap on the bottom edge to hold the hook bars without nakida. Of the four threads weave the lace, fold the associated elastic edge of the cap out and thread the drawstring at the hem. Cap you can try.