Advice 1: How to knit a hat for a newborn

Hats for babies knit from cotton threads or suede. They are gentle and soft and very well erased. Not necessary for very young children to use complex knitting yarn and patterns. The cap should be comfortable, lightweight, soft and without seams.
How to knit a hat for a newborn
This caps is fit for children aged from birth to 1.5 months, no more.
Dial on the spokes 17 of the loops provarite rectangular canvas with a length of 32 rows elastic 1:1. This will be the back of the cap.
To tie the cap for a newborn without seams, with both sides of the rectangular fabric dial for extra spokes for 16 loops, proverite the front loops of the first row and 17 of the hinge middle and caught the loop with both sides of the door.
Start knitting from the right edge of the front loops and every two zabirayte loop on the needle the loop of pulling. You on the spoke should have 24 stitches.
Continue knitting the front loops of the middle part 17 of the loops. The upper part of the cap.
On the left needle, make a mirrored increase of advance every two loops. Should have 24 stitches on the left needle.
Now count all the loops on the needles. Must be 65 loops (24+17+24).
Practical only to bind the cap for a newborn facial surface. But you can use any simple pattern at will. So knit the pattern 32 number directly.
Finish knitting elastic 1:1. Provarite so even the 6 series.
Close the loop.
For decorating hats tie crochet edges of columns without nakida.
Weave the lace, insert it into the edge of the cap, knitted elastic. As ornaments can make tassels on the ends of shoelaces. POM-poms to make for babies uncomfortable.
Can use narrow ribbon as a drawstring that can be pushed through the lower edge of the beanie and tie it to the bow.
Hat you will be able to communicate quickly, in about two hours. If you wish, take threads of different thicknesses, and knitting needles of appropriate size and knit a hat for a baby for a few months, using this description.

Advice 2: How to knit a hat for newborn crochet

Cap for a newborn is one of the first things that should be in the wardrobe of the child. Even better, if such a cap will be associated with their hands. This thing will give your love and care for the baby. A simple cap under force to bind even the beginner knitter. The main thing to be able to knit air loop, the columns without nakida and with nakida.
How to knit a hat for newborn crochet
You will need
  • Fine wool or cotton yarn, hook, scissors.
Cap is designed for the circumference of your head, 35-37 cm loops tie a chain length of approximately 30 cm continue Knitting columns with nakida. Link the rectangle with a height of 10-11 cm Thread tear off.
Promazyvanie the back of the cap.

Fold the resulting rectangle in half. Both sides of the middle measure 4.5 cm and mark these points contrasting thread or with pins.

The first row of the rear of provarite columns with nakida. In 2-4 rows on two sides make the addition of one column with nakida. Vymazyvaja additional columns from the base of the far post. 5 a number provarite without additions. The width of the fabric should be 9-10 cm Then every odd row, do subtraction from both sides on one bar. Line the side of the cap and back should be the same length.
Align the edge of the side and back of the cap. Connect them to the bars without nakida. Hook spend immediately in both parts of the cap. Should be a seam in the form of braids. The seam on the cap should go on the outside.
The thread is not cut. Provarite fold beanie columns without nakida and perform a second stitch in the manner described above. The thread should be at the bottom of the cap.

Get the base hats. You can leave the cap as is, tied with a drawstring. But that cap turned out elegant and beautiful need to decorate.
The seam of the braid for decoration provarite openwork lace. So lace was a beautiful shape, the edge can be tie Pico or "crayfish" step. The cap according to your wish you can decorate with ribbons, bows, embroidery.
To give the cap a beautiful shape, it can be tied columns with nakida in a circle, pulling the thread a little or promazyvaya together every 4th and 5th column.
To make drawstring, dial from the edge of the bonnet air loops chain the desired length. Tie one row of polostevichi – tie ready. In the same way the second link. The knots on the drawstring tighten, thread, cut and fill. Cap amperite iron. The product is ready.
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