This caps is fit for children aged from birth to 1.5 months, no more.
Dial on the spokes 17 of the loops provarite rectangular canvas with a length of 32 rows elastic 1:1. This will be the back of the cap.
To tie the cap for a newborn without seams, with both sides of the rectangular fabric dial for extra spokes for 16 loops, proverite the front loops of the first row and 17 of the hinge middle and caught the loop with both sides of the door.
Start knitting from the right edge of the front loops and every two zabirayte loop on the needle the loop of pulling. You on the spoke should have 24 stitches.
Continue knitting the front loops of the middle part 17 of the loops. The upper part of the cap.
On the left needle, make a mirrored increase of advance every two loops. Should have 24 stitches on the left needle.
Now count all the loops on the needles. Must be 65 loops (24+17+24).
Practical only to bind the cap for a newborn facial surface. But you can use any simple pattern at will. So knit the pattern 32 number directly.
Finish knitting elastic 1:1. Provarite so even the 6 series.
Close the loop.
For decorating hats tie crochet edges of columns without nakida.
Weave the lace, insert it into the edge of the cap, knitted elastic. As ornaments can make tassels on the ends of shoelaces. POM-poms to make for babies uncomfortable.
Can use narrow ribbon as a drawstring that can be pushed through the lower edge of the beanie and tie it to the bow.
Hat you will be able to communicate quickly, in about two hours. If you wish, take threads of different thicknesses, and knitting needles of appropriate size and knit a hat for a baby for a few months, using this description.