You will need
  • yarn 100 g;
  • - the spokes;
  • hook.
For beanie baby will need quite a bit of thread. Dial in two spokes 74 loops and knit elastic band 1*1 6-8 rows.
Following the gum series knit purl loops. To it then sew the ruffle - it will be more clear. Next, run 22 number of facial surface, then spread the loops on hosiery needles.
Now knit circular rows, but the first of these again must be from the inside-out loops - there will also be a ruffle. In circular rows do subtraction. First promazyvaya together every 6th and 7th loop, then every 5-th and 6-th, 4-th and 5-th. Remove repeat in every second, until the spokes will not end up with 10 loops.
The last loop pull the thread and tie a knot on the outside of the cap. On the edge of the canvas and draw a new loop, knit elastic band 1*1 about 3 cm From one end of the elastic arm loop for the button. To this end, the end of the row, close 2-3 loop, and in the next row again to dial them. A button can prepare from threads — it will be soft and will not irritate the child's neck.
Take the hook, dial 3-5 loops and close them in a circle. Knit in a circle without additions of 5-8 rows. Try on the button to the loop size. Finished product pull the thread.
If you don't want to mess with the button, prepare the ties. Dial crochet a chain of the stitches and knit one row of columns without nakida. The length of the chain, consider so that it will last for strings. Then, without breaking thread, start to wind the edge of the neck of crayfish step. On the other hand, the bands will continue the chain of air loops, and also tie her columns without nakida.
To tie ruching for a hat, take the hook, dial a chain of air loops, or you can knit columns without nakida in the prepared purl rows. Then follow the pattern in the diagram.
How to knit a hat for newborn knitting