You will need
  • - two straight spokes;
  • - circular knitting needle;
  • hook;
  • - embroidery needle;
  • the main yarn of wool and acrylic;
  • - threads for embroidery;
  • centimeter.
Obmerte girth ready baby with sartorial meter, carrying it in the most prominent region of the head and along the median line of the forehead. In the example described knitting infant caps for the head circumference 54 cm
Begin working from vyvazhivanija ears. For the first part, type 6 loop and tie the 3rd row is only purl loops. You get garter-knit – tight, fixed blade. Then you will gradually increase the size of the knitting to make the ear shape.
In the fourth row do 3 purl stitches, then vivacite front crossed from the subsequent transverse thread (pulling) between loops; 3 loops to the reverse. Cross loop: enter from right to left needle under strand, grab the working thread (she's knitting) and pull a loop on the "person" canvas.
Provarite fifth row garter viscous, it start to perform the first 3 loops of the sixth row. Then followed a new front crossed from the transverse threads; front loop and re-crossed. The number 3 will complete the reverse loop.
Seventh row do garter viscous. Keep adding the front of the crossed loops every second (front) row until I am finishing a detail of the desired size.
Put the work away, and from the individual coil bind fresh ear. You can now begin to implement the back part of the infant caps.
15 type of loops (for example) and enter into the work pent-ear. Now divide the pattern of knitted fabric into sections: the ear continue to do the garter viscous, and the back of the headdress, the so – called volumetric elastic.
To obtain the gum, do the following sequence loops: in the first row – front, inside-out; the second obverse, and reverse is removed nepovezane. The working thread is in front of the knitting. Next (third row) the pattern repeats similarly to the first and second rows.
When you propagate back hats for baby to a height of 2.5 cm, dial loop to run the front part. In the above example, it is sufficient 21. Knitting the cycle, and then circular knitting needles is done body rubber band.
Before the caps make a height of 4.5 cm and a cross on the front surface. Tie a blade height of about 7.5 cm loop headgear should gradually be abated for the formation of the toe.
Divide the knitting into 6 equal sections and start to purl together a couple of loops at the end of each of them. So the subtraction will be uniform.
Davaite cap to the top until the last 10 -6 eyelets. Pull a thread, and then drag trimmed "tail" on the underside of the product. You only have to crochet on the ends of each lug tie chain loops and one row of simple columns without nakida.