Often the owners of rabbits complain that suddenly they are absolutely calm and manual pet begins to show aggression to their owners: he bites, he pushes up with his legs. This behavior is caused by the fact that your pet has come puberty. Aggression subsequently quenched, but in some cases may be.
It is important to remember that if you're not even occasionally to do with the rabbit, to give him a day at least half an hour, soon your pet will lose interest in life and all your attempts to improve will either not react, or behave aggressively.
оттучитькролика кусаться
Usually rabbits quite quickly get used to the new owner. Importantly, the process of domestication was gradual. About a week endearments, your pet will become fully manual.
как наказывать кролика
The rabbits are silent creatures. The maximum that you can hear from them - or a quiet "clang" or a specific sound of the meeting of the male and female. But it happens that due to severe fright, or pain, baby squirrels start to scream. So if you, picking up pet heard this sound, it is best to put the pet back in the cage and do not touch for a while. If the rabbit starts pounding paws on the cage, it means he or annoyed, or scared.
Как наказывать щенка
Some people try to train the rabbit to walk on a leash. Do it gradually, and use a regular collar (as the rabbit never gets used to it), and a special harness that is used for small breeds of dogs. First put on the leash for a few minutes. Regularly repeat this process with the increase of time finding harnesses for the rabbit. After about a week will release the rabbit from the cage on a leash and walk him around the apartment. When you are ready to go out, try to choose a quiet place without dogs.
как приучить кролика к лотку
Rabbits can be trained to different tricks. But remember that at first, any proper movement of the rabbit have to be followed by treats (e.g. a piece of carrot).