Cats, like other Pets, require special care and attention. Features of the structure of their digestive organs dictate the observance of certain rules of nutrition for cats. It is important to understand that can harm your pet. And those moments when the cat clamoring for a piece of something tasty and flavorful, and the owner is unable to refuse the pet, can be a consequence of chronic diseases and even death of the animal.

Harm mixed food

как кормить питомца
You cannot mix different types of cat food and to Supplement them with conventional products. This is due to the digestive tract, which has its own rhythm and specific strains of bacteria for digestion. The body of the animal gets used to a certain type of food. If you use several options of food, it will be a daily stress for the cat and will lead to many health problems.

Features of dry food

диетическое питание для йорков
Modern dry pet food not only ease the process of feeding the cats for the owner, they also allow the pet to receive all the necessary nutrients for a healthy wellbeing. This diet takes into account the age and weight of the animal to achieve the perfect balance in feeding. At the moment, many veterinarians recommend high-quality dry food as the best option for longevity and a strong immune system of cats.
Dry food economy class are made from by-products and meat waste, and not one piece of meat, so you can use them only temporarily.

And while some still have doubts about what to choose for your pet, all in favour of dry food are positively experienced cat owners. There are a large number of different types of dry food. The main groups of dry cat food include food economy class, premium class and holistic.

In terms of price and quality is best and suitable for cats - dry food premium. Their value fully justifies a positive result from this power. This can be seen not only in their activity, but also in the appearance of the pet. Food the best dry food will allow your pet to have a thick, shiny coat that will shed less says about the full source of all essential vitamins. So you can forget about additional supplements and products.
Good side proven these food premium, Royal Canin, Brit, Hill's and Iams. A larger campaign producing the feed, have been working for several decades and offer a wide range of food for cats.

Each pet is unique, and so he needs a unique nutrition that can be found among manufacturers of dry food, offering everything you need to make the cat happy with us as long as possible.