You will need
  • a syringe without a needle
  • - baby nasal aspirator
If you need an inexpensive tool that will help to get rid of the accumulation of mucus in the respiratory tract of the child, purchase at the pharmacy, a conventional disposable syringe. With one hand, insert the tip of the syringe into one nostril of the child, and the other gently pull the sliding plastic piece of the device.
When the inner part of the syringe is filled with snot, remove the device and rinse it with warm water and soap. Then do the same procedure for the other nostril. Repeat steps to remove the mucus until then, until we clean the nasal passages of the baby.
To make the process of extraction of mucus more convenient, buy baby nasal aspirator in the form of a syringe. Before first use be sure to rinse it.
Then squeeze bag with two fingers, and clenched them up, insert the nozzle of the device in the nasal passage. Holding the vacuum, slowly release the fingers.
Rinse the device of mucus and perform the same steps in the other nostril of the child. Repeat the procedure until until the breathing of the baby will not be free.
If you want to pump out the accumulated mucus in one go, then buy a mechanical aspirator with a long tube. Insert the soft tip of the device in the nostril of the child and suck the air through the duct.
When mucus from one nostril will be completely pumped out, remove the tube from the mouth and remove the aspirator from the nose of the baby. Repeat the same procedure for the second nasal passage.
Remove the extractor used filter and rinse the device. Clean the skin around the nose from the remnants of the goo with a damp cloth.
If you want to save a child from the nozzle for a few seconds, without wasting unnecessary effort and cost of fixture does not matter, buy electronic nasal aspirator. Insert the tip of the device into one nostril and press the button.
After a few seconds, repeat this step with the second bow stroke the baby. After that, always rinse the reservoir of the aspirator from the extracted mucus.