Advice 1: How to turn off a hung laptop

The laptop is essentially little different from a regular desktop computer. However, the owners of portable computers you should know some features of their operation. For example, a forced shutdown of the laptop should be performed in a specific scenario.
How to turn off a hung laptop
What will you do if your desktop computer is "hung"? First try to "revive" it by calling the task Manager and trying to complete work does not meet program. The same should be taken in the case, when "stuck" laptop.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and start the Windows task Manager. Select the program whose status is "Not responding" and click "end task". This should return the operating system to a working state.
If using task Manager failed to remove 'freeze', you must resort to drastic measures. As in the case with a desktop computer, press the power button on the laptop and hold it for a few seconds. This action should lead to power down the laptop.
If the power button doesn't click, on a PC you can press another button – Reset (restart), and if this does not work – put the switch in the Off position on the power supply, or eventually to remove the power cord from the outlet. But the laptop should act otherwise.
In the case of mobile computer can't find the Reset button and switch on the power supply and removing the power cord from the outlet, you will achieve nothing, as the laptop will continue to run on battery. However, the problem is easily solved – you should turn off the battery itself for a few seconds.
To do this, simply disconnect the power cord, close the lid of the laptop, flip the computer upside down, and then disconnect the battery pack from the laptop case. On most portable computers do this by moving the clip. Disconnecting the battery, you are guaranteed to turn off "hovering" laptop.
Useful advice
Forced shutdown should be resorted to in exceptional cases, as this may result in the loss of running apps and even damage to the hard drive.

Advice 2: How to turn off the laptop

The laptop differs from a desktop computer not only for its appearance, ease of transportation and a built-in UPS – you can turn it off not like a normal computer!
How to turn off the laptop
No, of course, the laptop should not turn off just by pressing the power button (although, in some cases, it helps to cope with freeze), but to configure shutdown when you close the lid easily. Besides, it is also conveniently finished work, closed the lid and the laptop is disconnected. And it is not necessary to press the "start" button and choose "shutdown".
So when you close the lid of the laptop , the operating system has received a shutdown command, you need to do some settings. To do this, click the right mouse button on the desktop and select "Personalize" (Windows Vista and 7) or Properties (Windows XP). In the dialog box, click the "screen Saver" (Windows Vista and 7) or click on the tab "screen Saver" (Windows XP). Click on the active link "Change power settings", click "Action when closing the lid" and set the value to "shut down" for operating modes "on battery" and "From network". Click OK to make the changes take effect.
In addition, you can configure a different way to turn off the laptop. Not to look for the button "shutdown" in the start menu, the laptop can be turned off by pressing the power button. To do this, set the value of "shutdown" as a verb when you press the power button. Click "OK". Now you can turn off the laptop is not like a normal computer!
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